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It has been one rainy year. With only eight months in the books, 2013 is already ranked as the second-wettest year so far across the Southeast. Unfortunately for us, several months of long rainy days brings mosquitoes, and lots of them!

If you have stepped outside for any amount of time in Atlanta recently, we’re sure you have noticed them. Not only are these little bloodsuckers annoying and leave itchy red bumps on your body, they are carry diseases such as malaria, West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever, which affect millions of people around the world.

No matter how much bug repellant you use, they still seem to find a way to attack. That got us to thinking – wouldn’t it be great if we could just make ourselves invisible to mosquitoes? Well, thanks to the talented team behind The Kite patch, that’s now possible.

According to the company’s website, “The Kite Patch is an innovative, powerful approach to protecting humans from mosquitoes using a small, colorful sticker.  It uses patent-pending, non-toxic compounds that block mosquitoes’ ability to track humans for up to 48 hours.” Since it effectively blocks mosquitoes’ tracking abilities, it renders wearers virtually invisible to the pesky, and sometimes dangerous, bugs.

The 1.5” square patch is designed to stick on to clothing or equipment, and works by disrupting mosquitoes’ carbon dioxide neurons, blocking their primary method of tracking humans for feeding.

The company recently completed an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign where it raised more than $550K, and is now working to begin field testing the product in Uganda (where malaria infection rates are more than 60 percent).

The Kite Patch will need to complete the EPA approval process before it will be available in the U.S, which can take up to one year. We look forward to following this product’s process and are ready to test out this pest shield as soon as it’s available domestically.