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At Carvana, we love all things blue… blue pants, blue shoes, blue cars and yes, even blueberry beer. While some may be skeptical of a fruity brewski, we think it’s the perfect summer ale. Given our love for this refreshing cold top, we wanted to share with you our thoughts on some of the top blueberry beers available on the market.

For this post, our panel of experts (and by experts, we mean frequent fruity beer drinkers) tasted six different blueberry flavored beers: Sweetwater Blue, Saranac Blueberry Blonde Ale, Blue Point Brewing Blueberry Ale, Sea Dog Wild Blueberry, Shipyard Brewing Co. Smashed Blueberry and Dogfish Head Black & Blue. Working off of scale of one to five, five being the highest, we graded each beer on its taste, appearance and smell.

Here are the results of our blueberry beer taste test:

  • Sweetwater Blue (overall score: 4.3) – The hometown favorite received the top honors. It’s a refreshing light beer that is easy on the palate and has just enough hint of blueberry to get our taste buds dancing.
  • Saranac (overall score: 4.0) – The runner up hails from upstate New York and was a fierce competitor to Sweetwater Blue. With a nice strong berry flavor it’s a great option for those looking for a light beer that is on the sweeter side.
  • Blue Point (overall score: 3.5) – This blueberry ale had the strongest blueberry taste, but lacked in overall beer flavor. The perfect choice for people who typically don’t drink beer, or like us just love the taste of blueberry.
  • Shipyard (overall score: 3.1) – The Shipyard was by far the darkest beer on the list. With very minimal blueberry taste and a slight hint of coffee, the Shipyard scored high amongst our Guinness fans on the panel.
  • Dogfish (overall score: 2.9) – This beer was a hybrid with black raspberries. Given it is made with real berries, opposed to artificial flavoring; it had a very strong berry taste and smell. Sadly, just a tad too tart for our tastes.
  • Sea Dog (overall score: 2.7) – Coming in last in our taste test, to our panel, the Sea Dog more closely resembled the taste of cough syrup than blueberries. While Sea Dog typically makes a great beer, this one was not well liked by the group.

What is your favorite blueberry beer? Let us know in the comment section below.

DISCLOSURE: At Carvana we encourage everyone to drink responsibly and to never drink and drive.