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Meals Per Hour

Reading Time: 1 minute In October 2012, New York City was devastated by Superstorm Sandy and relief agencies struggled to keep up with the demand for food. In this uplifting video, Jamie and Lisa, from Toyota, help make Metro Food Distribution more efficient so that they can better serve the hungry families in the Rockaways.    

Running Innovation

Reading Time: 2 minutes According to a recent U.S. poll, an estimated 1.6 billion people worldwide run. As good as running is for your body and overall health; it is also tough on your bones and joints, leading to thousands of injuries each year.  As the old adage says, the best way to prevent a running injury is to… Read more »

Volvo’s Self-Parking Cars

Reading Time: 2 minutes From: USA Today The next step in autonomous motoring is self-parking cars: You can hop out, walk off and let the car find a spot and park itself. Volvo is demonstrating such a system. The automaker says it’s not headed for showrooms immediately, but neither is autonomous parking far-fetched. “Autonomous parking is a concept technology… Read more »

How a QR Code Could Save Your Life

Reading Time: 2 minutes From: Wired The QR code has been a popular punching bag for the nonplussed tech press, but Mercedes-Benz has figured out a way to not only make the over-endowed barcode useful, but life-saving. The ADAC — or the Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club — is Germany’s version of the AAA. And they require every automaker to provide a “rescue… Read more »

New Way to “Watch” Reality TV

Reading Time: 1 minute At Carvana, we love finding new ways to do things.  While our personal favorite is finding new ways to buy cars, we’re big supporters of all technological innovation.  That’s why when we came across a new reality series called Summer Break, we were intrigued.   @SummerBreak is a new series geared towards the connected generation and… Read more »

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